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Apex Business Success, the Marketing Division of The McKenna Consulting Group, is a digital marketing and advertising company that has been working in the industry for many years now. In that time we have developed a reputation for providing first-class professionalism and quality at unbeatable prices.

Apex Business Success specializes in “client attraction” for small businesses and service professionals.

We provide training, coaching & consulting as well as”hands-on” marketing for our clients – with a back office team of over 300 tech geeks who are highly specialized in everything from high converting web design to direct response social media marketing to our customized lead generation and tracking systems.

What makes our marketing so different from all the other so-called marketing consultants is that we implement simple technology that allows our clients to track every piece of marketing they do – without tracking you have no idea what is working and what isn’t. This is normally why most business owners or service professionals are frustrated at their marketing and are wasting a huge chunk of their time, energy and more importantly money!

In order to really thrive on the web, you need the best web design and digital marketing company behind you. This way, you can ensure that your site makes the best first impression and that it has that professional sheen that allows you to compete with the very top players in your industry. At the same time, digital marketing services will help to ensure that your site is seen by as many people as possible and will help you to get one step ahead of the other companies in your industry.

At Apex Business Success, we believe that this highly professional and effective level of service should be available to everyone – from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs. That’s why we strive to bring the kind of premium quality you associate with those A-list brands in an affordable package. Our dedication is to providing the very best design and marketing services for the best prices on the net.

Another thing that sets Apex Business Success apart is our commitment to transparency and communication. We like to keep our clients informed at every step of the way and offer a friendly customer service that will always be available. We offer all of our clients a completely free price quote and consultation, so if you’re thinking about working with us give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll start discussing your options.


Founder of Apex Business Success & Creator Of The Business Blueprint System

John McKennaJohn McKenna is a “Client Attraction” Expert. He has a natural gift for helping business owners and service professionals incorporate time-tested, proven systems, strategies and tools to get more clients (consistently) and grow their business.

He has a passion for working with service professionals and in particular home service providers – think Realtors, lenders, attorneys, stagers, movers etc. In short, any business that serves local homeowners/residents. He is the owner/chief contributor of Today’s Real Estate Agent – a hugely popular online training site for Realtors. (A licensed Realtor (and Top Producer) himself for 12+ yrs)

For 20+ years now, he has helped companies (from large corporations to small local businesses to independent contractors) come from the depths of debt to become thriving profitable businesses.

Mc Kenna is a successful business consultant, coach and trainer and the founder of Apex Business Success – which specializes in helping small businesses & service professionals implement the Client Consistency System into their business.

To his clients, John provides a diverse background gained from over 20 years of corporate management, real estate sales, internet marketing, sales training and consulting.

His no B.S. approach and easy-to-follow Client Consistency Blueprint will have you doing smarter marketing so you simplify your lead generation efforts and make the most of your time, energy, and money.

And the best part? No more cold calling, no more pressure, no more slimy selling…and no more internet marketing BS that doesn’t work.

McKenna is shrewd (and outspoken) about what small business owners should be spending time and their marketing dollars on in today’s world.

John has earned a number of degrees in Economics, Psychology and Labor Studies as well as a Postgraduate Degree In Public Administration and his MBA in Business & Law. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and webinars.


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