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Please get involved. Go give some blood. And SHARE THIS POST!


John McKenna
President – Apex Business Success

Your reputation can either make you or break you in today’s business world.


The Business Blueprint – Business Success By Design

Written Specifically For Local Business Owners & Service Providers

The Only Business Development Guide You’ll Ever Need To Attract All The Clients/Customers You Can Handle!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to The Business Blueprint
  2. About The Creator of The Business Blueprint System
  3. The 2 Main Causes Of Business Failure
  4. Your Business Foundation – You’ve Got Some Work To Do Here! And It’s Vital To Your SuccessHow
    • Who Do You Serve & Why Should They Choose You?
    • Get A Deep Understanding Of Your Ideal Clients – It’s Makes Everything So Much Easier
    • Identify Who You Won’t Work With
    • Clearly Identify Your Target Market & Your Niche
    • Making It Clear Why They Should Choose You Over All The Competition
    • Keeping One On Your Competition
    • How To Develop Your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
    • Now We Can Create Your Competitive Edge
  5. Sales & Marketing For Local Businesses & Service Professionals – Some Major Principles
    • Understanding The Difference Between Sales & Marketing
    • How To Sell Your Services – An Easy Surefire Approach For Those Who Absolutely Hate Selling
    • So What Is Marketing?
    • Branding v’s Direct Response Marketing
    • Only Direct Response Marketing – Everytime
    • And Here’s How You Create And Promote Your Brand
  6. What Marketing & Advertising Is Working Today?
    • Online Local Visibility Is All About Google Local Rankings
    • It Starts With Google My Business
    • How To Get To The Top Of Google Local
    • Optimizing Your Google My Business
    • Use Google My Business To Your Advantage
    • Directories & Citations Are A Huge Part Of The Puzzle
    • Reviews Are A Must
    • Your Website’s Authority Is Another Big Factor
    • And Don’t Forget To Get Other Local Business Website To Link To Yours
    • Do All Of The Above…..Over And Over And Over Again!
  7. How A Local Service Provider Should Use Social Media
    • A Facebook Presence Is A Must BUT….
    • Your Facebook Page
    • Using Facebook Groups To Get New Business & Referrals
    • Facebook Events – Might Work for You
    • Is Facebook Advertising Right For You?
    • LinkedIn Is A Definite Must In Today’s World
    • What About All The Other Social Media Platforms – Here’s My Opinion!
  8. Video Is The Future And The Future Is Now
  9. Networking Or As I Cal It “Notworking”
  10. Referral Strategies All Business Owners Should Be Using
  11. What Local Consumers Really Want From A Local Business – The Results Of A Recent Survey
  12. Conclusion – Do You Have A Business Or Just A Job With More Hours & Less Pay?