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Business Listings, a.k.a Citations, are one of the most important factors that determine where a Local Business ranks online for keyword searches that drive customers and clients to their website.

If your business has multiple incorrect business listings or less business listings across the web than your competitors, it either confuses the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), or it makes your business look irrelevant.

Don’t let your competitors out rank you in Local Search just because you have incorrect Business Listings. We scan over 110 different local business aggregation websites and give you the results instantly. We are a solutions based company, so we also give you an easy way to correct any errors you have online, with your business information.

You will be amazed at the increase in website traffic, potential customer / client inquiries, and product / service sales you receive when your business listings (citations) are uniform and spread across the web. You will rank at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing when people search for what your company offers.

Use our Free Tool to see what kind of an impression, impact and exposure your business is making and has online.


Take Control. Get Found.

Inconsistent business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you real sales. Our Local Visibility Enhanced PowerListings lets you control your company listings across 100+ global partners, including Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and Yelp.

Publish Everywhere and on Every Device

We partner with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe.Leverage our direct connections to the publishers in our powerful Global Listings Network to get found — no matter the language, country, currency, or address format.

The PowerListings Network

Just what it says: A network of powerful listings. We have exclusive partnerships across the globe, and integrates with the most established search engines, local service sites, and mapping apps. Experience the advantage of tapping into our powerful network of publisher-level connections and build a consistent web presence for every one of your locations — in nearly every country, currency, address format, and native language.

  • Listing Visitor Reporting: See how often a listing appears in local search results, the views its detail page receives, and the number of times customers click on a featured message — which helps you tie revenue back to your locations’ digital presence.
  • Review Monitoring: Monitor and search customer reviews by location across every PowerListings site that supports them, including Yelp, Facebook, Google+, and Citysearch, in real time. Get custom notifications for new reviews, search reviews by location, and analyze how customer feedback varies over time and across locations.
  • Duplicate Suppression: Duplicate records of your business information appear across the search ecosystem — and they cost you time, money, and SEO benefits. Our patent pending technology finds and suppresses duplicate listings so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete address or contact information. Since search engines value consistency, Duplicate Suppression offers huge SEO benefits.

Help customers choose you by creating the most complete, rich, and accurate presence on all the search engines, maps, apps and local directories where they search for your business.

  • Enhanced Content Syndication: Leverage your listings across the web to differentiate your brand from the competition and drive measurable business results.
    • Showcase photos, videos, business descriptions, hours and holiday hours, menus, staff bios, product & service lists, and more than a dozen other fields alongside your basic NAP. Listings complete with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without.
    • Turn your listings into measurable marketing opportunities with the Enhanced PowerListings-exclusive Featured Message. Highlight special offers, drive reservations or form fills, and more with this patented 50-character clickable field.
  • Website Widgets: Embeddable widgets drive consistency across your digital presence. Sync information like social posts, staff bios, menus, calendars, and product or service lists from our Location Management Platform to your own website. Updates in our platform flow immediately to your site, reducing hassle and complexity.

Analytics are critical to your success. Our publisher relationships provide exclusive analytics on your presence across the PowerListings Network to help you measure what’s working and how your customers are engaging.

  • Search Term Reporting: Monitor the search queries for which your listings show up most often in local search results. Use this information to optimize your listings and your own website for the keywords you want and discover hidden opportunities to get found more often.

Most brand experiences happen at the local level, and your customers record and amplify those experiences through reviews, photos, videos, and posts across the web. With Local Visibility Enhanced Powerlistings, monitor the feedback and content customers generate about your locations to ensure you deliver the best experience possible, everywhere.

  • Social Location Page Posting: Get the word out quickly and easily by posting on your locations’ Facebook and Foursquare accounts directly from the client dashboard. Post content immediately, or schedule posts to publish at a future date and time.
  • Local Listening: Keep tabs on the Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, and Instagram content that customers generate from your locations and respond directly from the dashboard.
  • Reviews API: Our publisher relationships provide access to reviews across every PowerListings site that supports them.

Even after setting up accurate and rich listings for all your locations, you may have errant listings or rogue profiles. Whether you have 1 location or 10,000, we keep you in control of what appears and what doesn’t.

  • Aggregator Submission: Only our PowerListings gives you true control over your listings — but, in cases like major rebrands and store closings, submitting your information to the market’s biggest data aggregators can strengthen the consistency of your local presence across the web. Submit the identical information you store in PowerListings to Infogroup & Acxiom, so you maintain a single source of truth when it comes to your digital presence.
  • Social Page Location Data Sync: Sync the location data in the PowerListings Location Management Platform to your place pages on Facebook and Foursquare. If social pages don’t exist for your location(s) already or are managed by someone else, we can create or claim them for you.

Google pulls from many sources to determine rankings — so to ensure you’re covered, your local SEO strategy should encompass consistent listings, optimized local Pages, and submitting data directly to Google. Local Visibility Enhanced PowerListings handles all three parts, at scale and from one central platform.

  • Google My Business Locations Management Services: Managing Google’s direct submission process can be challenging. We can upload your data, work with Google to claim your locations, and communicate directly with Google Support to address any issues. If you’d prefer to manage this process yourself, our Location Management Platform automatically formats your location data to abide by Google’s mercurial requirements.




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